V I D E O G R A P H Y + P H O T O G R A P H Y

T E X A S / S T. L O U I S / M I C H I G A N


The first ten years of my life was a lot different than most kids. I moved in/out of a lot of different homes and cities in Texas. Who knew that through those years that I would learn to connect with so many people and gain an appreciation to those memories.

My passion for videography & photography came later in my life - but i've adapted those lessons into my work - for me it's all about the connection. Ultimately, with a strong connection comes a great understanding of the art being created. I started my career creating travel videos and volunteering my services in the greek community at my alma mater, Texas Tech University, which led to becoming the student director of our sports program producing content for each event. 

Anyone can pick up a camera and create good content. We live in a world of limitless photographers and videographers. But as I started with, I've always been different. It's more than just the camera, I live by my story and connecting to with my clients. It's a journey that goes beyond the event and product.



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